Enrique Iglesias – Heart Attack

Enrique’s latest hit smasher has just arrived!

To download “Heart attack” in HD, click “Download” on the SoundCloud player.

By martina22acm

Rennata – Please Stay (VIDEO)

The one and only Balkans Youtube VEVO channel goes to… Rennata!!

As revealed by Sky Eye Entertainment’s producer Zoran Aleksik, Renata Kralevska or commonly known as Rennata has been granted an official Youtube VEVO channel.

After last summer’s mega-dance-hit “Time, Time”, “Because I Love you”, and the most notable – our Christmas anthem “This Christmas Night”, the long expected video of “Please Stay” is now being distributed all over the world.

Rennata has become not only the first Macedonian singer to have a certified VEVO channel, but Balkans’ singer as well. Universal Music Group, EMI and SONY Music Entertaiment will be the ones to label her music.

The warmest congrats, dear Rennata!

Well, Macedonians, there is a lot to be proud of! 

Now, world, meet and greet our jewel Renata Kralevska!!

By martina22acm